Issue Date: Dec 8, 2005
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SGU receives Award for Post-Ivan Initiatives

Picture: Dr. Randall House receives award from Deputy Prime Minister Sen. Gregory Bowen.

St. George’s University was one of six non-governmental organisations awarded a plaque for health initiatives in a post-Ivan Grenada. At a ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Health and the Environment on November 24, 2005, the University was commended for its leadership and involvement in various health-related projects.

In the aftermath of hurricane Ivan, SGU was involved in re-locating many of its classes to sites in the US but the University also took measures to alleviate the suffering of its own staff and also members of the community outside. In fact, the University was eager to help the Grenadian community, a community that had fostered its development over the last 28 years. Of special note was the University’s role, through the WINDREF/SGU Fund in the restoration of the Laboratory at the General Hospital. The laboratory was badly damaged during hurricane Ivan, preventing it from offering any diagnostic services. The Fund provided labour, re-roofed the laboratory, installed new ceiling boards and windows, along with an air-conditioning unit. Another program, SGU Docs for Grenada, saw a number of alumni volunteering to provide medical care at the General Hospital in the months after the Hurricane. Additionally, the School of Veterinary Medicine was actively involved in pet food distribution and clinics throughout the island, raising funds for hurricane victims both in Grenada and in the gulf states and community projects both relating to animals and underprivileged children.

SGU has also been a key partner in programs such as the Return to Happiness Program and the Wellness Initiative, Corneal Transplant Operations, Diabetes Wound Care Symposium and Clinic, and the Prosthetic Clinic. The Department of Public Health & Preventive Medicine was also praised for ongoing community efforts where students work together with community-based groups and organizations to improve living conditions. All of this was possible because of the self-sacrificing efforts of the Chancellor, the administration, faculty, staff, students, WINDREF and our friends here and abroad. Without this collective support the University's contribution would not have been so effective.

Clinical Tutors Program at SGUSOM

This is a fascinating story of a program that started as an ad hocattempt at providing some help to students in the pathology labs and has evolved into a tremendous resource for the students and the school. At the very beginning, there were just two to three full time professors to teach pathology to 160 – 180 students. The students had to study a lot of images in the labs and it was very difficult for the few professors to attend to the students. A few foreign MDs, mainly form India and Nigeria, who were in Grenada either because they had done internships at the local hospital or because they were with relatives in Grenada while they were preparing for USMLE exams, were recruited by the School to act as clinical tutors. They came in the afternoons, moved around in the labs and interacted with some students. There was very little interaction with professors, if any, and they did not attend the lectures. They came from different backgrounds, different countries and disseminated information the way they individually thought fit. Some passed the board exams and moved on to the US or UK. Others relaxed and stayed on for several years in Grenada.

In 1997 with the introduction of a new departmental administration, the character, scope and outcomes of the program underwent a dramatic change. The new recruitment procedures specify that tutors had to be recent MDs, keen on doing board exams and moving on to the US or UK. They hail from India, Pakistan, Nigeria, UK, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Cuba along with SGU alumni from Grenada. They have to attend all the pathology lectures so that they are in tune with the flow of the course, attend preview sessions for all the lab images and clinical cases. This enables them to supervise and mentor lab groups effectively with predetermined pathways and end points.

Presented by Dr Shivayogi Bhusnurmath, Chair of Pathology, Chair of Clinical Tutor Teaching & Fellowship program

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SGU Swimmers Win Medals at OECS Swim Meet

Picture: Dr. Morrall swiming her way to the medal stand.

SGU prides itself on its integral involvement in community activites both those from the University's initiatives and those that are organized by external organizations. Over the weekend of November 4th - 6th, 2005, Pre-veterinary student Lauren Havenga, TAMCC/A&S student Jadine Ferguson and A&S faculty member Dr Clare Morrall swam on the Grenada National Swim Team at the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States ( OECS ) annual Swim Meet, in St. Lucia this year.

Collectively, the three SGU swimmers brought home a total of 25 medals: 7 gold, 13 silver and 5 bronze! In addition, Clare Morrall won the over 18 girls' age group trophy. Grenada’s female swimmers won the overall female division. But, by a narrow margin, the overall winners of the Swim Meet turned out to be the St. Lucia National team. Who knows? Maybe a few SGU male swimmers can help us win the entire competition next year! On behalf of the entire University community we extend a hearty: "Congratulations girls! We are all proud of you!" - Source: Dr. Clare Morrall

Tricia Joins the HR Family

Ms. Tricia Martin has joined the Department of Human Resources. Despite the challenges presented by hurricanes Ivan and Emily, SGU continues to grow from strength to strength. The past two semesters has witnessed record increases in the number of students enrolled at SGU. Inevitably, support systems must accordingly expand in order to maintain our high standard of quality service. As we approach the milestone of a staff population of 450 persons, the Department of Human Resources is doing everything in its power to face the challenges ahead. Recently, restructuring and expansion was undertaken in an effort to serve in a more efficient and effective manner. The HR team stands ready to usher us into a new semester, new year, filled with new possibilities! Please click on the link: The HR Team.

Dr. Carlene Radix - Grenada's New CMO

Dr. Carlene Radix was appointed Grenada's Chief Medical Officer on November Ist, 2005. Dr. Radix graduated MD from SGU's School of Medicine in May of 1997. She then went on to earn an MPH degree at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in May 2003. Dr. Radix succeeds Dr. Bert Brathwaite who acted as CMO for several months. Dr Brathwaite had served previously as the CMO prior to his appointment in the University in 1999. He will continue as a part-time advisor to the Minister of Health. We congratulate Dr Brathwaite on completing his service as CMO.

Dr. Radix has been serving as an Assistant Professor, from November of 2003 to present, in the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at SGU. She hopes to significantly improve existing health infrastructures, thereby enhancing the quality of services available, but notes that this would require a collective effort - the help and support of all Grenadians. Dr. Radix will continue to serve as a part-time professor at the University.

Trick or Treaters say Thank you!

Sincere thanks to all the faculty and staff for their generosity and support of the children from the Grand Anse Playground, who visited their offices on the afternoon of Halloween. You definitely helped make this Halloween a memorable one for many, including myself! At around 3:30 p.m., the excited 'trick or treaters' took off, starting at the Lower True Blue campus, visiting Veterinary offices, then up to the Chancellory Building, Dean of Students office, DES, Dr. Craig Goodmurphy's office and finally Dr. Kibble's office in the Caribbean House. Then, the group gathered at the front of Caribbean House for a celebration. Booths with activities such as balloon dart throw, apple bobbing, fishing for treats, sugar cookie decorating and a cake walk were set up for the children and they also enjoyed feasting on hot dogs and drinks. At the costume contest children with cutest, scariest and most unique costumes won prizes. Special thanks to SO's and others for the great job in planning and coordinating the event. We thank all for your support and excitedly look forward to next year! Click on link to view pictures. Submitted by Jessica Findley - Family Coordinator